Thai police shows off 'largest drug haul'

Originally aired on Channel NewsAsia on April 3, 2018

My latest report Channel NewsAsia: The Thai police shows off what it claims to be the 'largest ever' drug busts with 1.7 million yaba (methamphetamine) pills, 703kg of ice, 1,380kg of cannabis and 671 grams of cocaine. I explain the significance and what it means for Thailand's ongoing fight against drug trafficking.

Subtitles for POL.-GEN. CHAKTHIP CHAIJINDA; Commissioner-General of the Royal Thai Police:

"If you’re asking me whether or nots our efforts are brining in results, then I tell you we’re doing our fullest. We wouldn’t be able to catch this much if we wouldn’t. But we can’t tell how much is being produced in the neighboring countries and their capabilities."