First Michelin Guide for Bangkok Revealed

Originally aired on Channel NewsAsia on December 6, 2017

It is probably the worst kept secret in the world that Thailand and its capital Bangkok are renowned by millions and millions for the local cuisine and for the local restaurant scene.

And now they are finally getting honored with their own Michelin Guide. in the first edition for 2018, 98 restaurant and eateries are listed among them: 14 with a one-star Michelin rating, and just three restaurants with a two star rating.

But also among them - it wouldn’t be Bangkok without its street food scene - 28 vendors are mentioned in that and even one of them got one Michelin star: a restaurant that is served by a 72 year old lady that is preparing stir fry dishes and seafood dishes that is well-known amongst locals and tourists alike.

SUPINYA CHANSUTA, Owner & Chef "Jay Fai":
"When it comers to cooking, you have to be serious, and be in control of everything at all times, you can’t trust others, I’m in control of everything - even if it’s difficult for the staff sometimes. THAT’S cooking."

There is no restaurant with a 3 star rating, but that might be for the next year for the Michelin Guide of 2019.

Saksith Saiyasombut, Channel NewsAsia, Bangkok