Self-promotion: World Policy Journal's "When should language be restricted?"

I have been recently approached by World Policy Journal, a magazine on global affairs and international relations, to contribute to their most recent issue. In each issue, the publication tackles a certain broad topic to be reflected in several ways from several perspectives and with an international focus. Their newest Spring issue is all about language and "The Big Question"-section asks:

 "When should language be restricted?"

As often as language is used with great facility to promote beauty, express deeply felt emotions, and convey vital information, it is all too often used malevolently to pit nations or communities against one another. Rather than promoting peace and understanding, it can undermine these aspirations. We have asked our panel of global experts to weigh in on this critical question about the use and abuse of language.

Head over here to see what my answer to that is and be also sure to check out what other contributors like renowned Egyptian blogger "Sandmonkey" are thinking about this issue.