2011 - Some Personal Thanks!

Over at Siam Voices I have listed some of the most newsworthy stories of 2011, which you can read here. On this webspace here however, I just want to thank following people (in no particular order) for their support, acknowledgment or just the the privilege of having encountered each other over the last 12 months:

Eric, Flo, Ale, Tri, Greg, Fari, Lily, Joseph, Melissa, Matt, Kitty, Karla, Kim, Leela, Anne & Pokpong, Tum, Fergal, Jon, Adam, Jessica, Paul, Fabian, Lizzie, Glenn, Lucas, Elisa, Daniel, Lars, Andrea, Anniken, Nareas, Nok, Narut, Pouk, Kamonwan, Peter, Brock, Khun Mot, P' Som, Anasuya & Newley, Nirmal, Marwaan, Noppatjak, Zoe, Rachel, Wayne, John, Matt, Khun Mix, Serhat, Andrew, Claudio, Aela, Simon, David, Lisa, Nicola, Holger, Lee, Regina, Marten, Jörn, Patrick, Pailin W., Dom, Dao, Kaori, Christoph, Tim, Jost, Pailin C., Job, Mond, Somsak & Suchitra, Pinn, Tobi, Matthijs, Roman, Fred, Conse, Sören, Rike, Janine, Fran, Ches, Cod, Kaewmala, Sylvie, Christian, Sophia, Tim, Annika, Sarah, Dan, Daniel, Timo, Rikker, Oliver, Jack, Diane, Etienne, Linda, Tina and many, many more!

THANK YOU ALL! This year really went to '11! Here's to an even better 2012! :)