Thailand Court Scandal Video Blocked on YouTube

Originally published at Siam Voices on November 12, 2010 The scandal at Thailand's Constitution Court revolving the leaked clips has taken a more absurd turn. After the latest clip has been uploaded to YouTube, this very clip has been blocked by the Thai authorities. But why? Matichon reported on Thursday that they have been hit with a criminal complaint by the judges for publishing the names of the of the judges shown in the video.

The article also mentions that the judges have agreed to prosecute the uploader of the videos, especially concerning the latest video, that allegedly hints at nepotism in hiring the judges' personal staff, on the base of articles 198, 326, 328 of the criminal law - all concerning defamation - but also article 112, the article for lese majeste! According to the court's secretary, the content of the latest clip is deemed lese majeste.

It seems that this was the reason that the clip was blocked in Thailand. So, where in the clip was something that could be labeled as lese majeste?