Announcing: Siam Voices - Thailand's Collaborative Blog

This week AsianCorrespondent has launched the new Thailand-centered blog "Siam Voices - Thailand's Collaborative Blog". The short description pretty much sums everything up:

Siam Voices is a collaborative blog aimed at providing AsianCorrespondent's readers with a unique insight into the social, political and economic realities in Thailand. Like many great things, Siam Voices was born out of necessity. When prolific and respected Thailand blogger Bangkok Pundit took a hiatus following the violent Red Shirt protests of 2010, AsianCorrespondent recruited a number of top journalists and academics to fill the gap. Following Bangkok Pundit's return to full-time blogging in September, the collective needed a new home. That home is Siam Voices.

I'm happy to announce that yours truly is part of this fine ensemble of writers that includes my blogger colleagues Newley Purnell and Panuwat Panduprasert (aka Tumbler) and academics such as Pokpong Lawansiri, Thorn Pitodol and Prach Panchakunathorn (short bios of the writers can be read here). The guest gig for Bangkok Pundit was a great and rewarding experience and I want to thank AsianCorrespondent that we can continue to write at a new place.

What does it mean for this blog? Not much! Like previously at Bangkok Pundit, all my articles for Siam Voices will appear in their entirety (except for slight modifications) on this blog the day after the original publication.

All in all I'm very looking forward to this new opportunity and keep sure to check us out at Siam Voices.