Live-Blog: The Blockade Contunies, Day 3

Events are unfolding rapidly again on the third day of unrests. Although compared to the two days before, the situation has been relatively calm. But red shirt protesters have set up burning barricades and the government has vowed to carry on with it's operation, Rajprarob area and Rama IV. Road have been sealed off as well and declared "life firing zone" (sic!). BTS Skytrain and MRT Metro have stopped their service until further notice. Latest figures report that 16 people were killed and 141 have been injured since clashes have started on Thursday.

Meanwhile it is reported from the main rally stage at Rajaprasong that there's a food shortage and garbage is piling on, showing the first effects of the blockade.

Bangkok map of all the danger zones and other places to avoid, constantly updated. (by Richard Barrow)

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14:45h CEST: As night falls, many reporters and photographers are advised to leave the clash zones at dusk.

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14:15h CEST: CRES presser ended some time ago, nothing essential to add other than they also accuse a "non-affiliated group of armed men" were shooting on the protesters as well. Could it be the black shirted 'Ronin' warriors that have been rumored before? But it leaves us with the question of who is actually running the country right now as Prime minister Abhisit has not been seen in public for days now. As of now, it is rumored that he will make a TV appearance at 7.30PM local time.

13:40h CEST: CRES is doing a (taped) press conference where the DSI director threatens all protesters who are still at the rally site can be penalized up to 6 months in jail. After that another (taped) announcement with army officers are showing their version of the clashes yesterday. They claim that many incidents involved M79 grenade launchers by the protesters, also black shirted men were stopped at other areas. Soldiers are advised only to shoot when attacked by armed persons and only on the ground. Presser still going...

12:45h CEST:

All journalist associations agree to order all journalists to pull out from all fighting areas at dusk. via @chavarong [Note: this does not include foreign media. Saksith]

Tweet by @veen_NT (The Nation)

12:33h CEST: One medical volunteer has been reported killed.

11:45h CEST: The reported photographer is Chaiwat Poompuang and got shot in his leg near Soi Rangnam among a few other injured.

11:40h CEST: CRES just made another TV announcement again with PM's Office Minister Sathit Wongnongtoey and Govt spokesperson Panitan Wattanayagorn. Sathit still (*sigh*) basically claims it's Thaksin's fault. Panitan states that there are about 6,000 protesters at the Rajprasong rally site and claims that many of them who were involved in the fights were equipped with firearms and there have been 16 incidents were M79 grenades have been fired. He also says that the death tally is now at 17.

At the moment sporadic gun shots were heard at Din Daeng, a photographer from The Nation is reported to be shot.