UPDATED Violent Attack On The Streets of Silom, Two Policemen Killed

One policeman was shot dead on Silom Road on Friday night and less than 3 hours later another violent bomb attack wound 4 policemen just in front of Lumpini Park on Rama IV Road. The first attack ocurred on Friday night at 10.45pm just in front of Krung Thai Bank near Soi Saladaeng. A man on a bike fired bullets and hit 3 policemen and 2 passerbys. Pol.Cpl. Kannupan Lertchanpen who was shot in the stomach is dead.

Less than 3 hours later at 1.30am, there was an explosion near Gate 4 of Lumpini Park. Police spokesperson Pol Lt Gen Ponsatat Pongcharoen said that initially the police believed the grenades were M79 and the two attacks must be done by te same group of people who want to unstablize the situation.

"Violent attacks on Silom -one policeman dead", The Nation, May 8, 2010

As this is still a developing story, nothing can be said on the consequences of the attacks last night. It certainly does not help to resolve the state of emergency soon and the fact that yet again a M79 grenade launcher was used again raises question what this group of terrorists are trying to achieve apart from chaos. How all fractions will react will be something to watch for today.


"Two policemen have been killed in these incidents, I think that someone doesn't want the protests to end," said police operations centre spokesman Maj-Gen Prawut Thavornsiri.

The grenades hit in the early hours of the morning at a security checkpoint in front of the Lumpini Park that forms the edge of the heavy fortified protest camp, which is surrounded by makeshift barricades.

"Three M-79 grenades were fired at a security checkpoint manned by police and soldiers," said Maj-Gen Prawut.

A hospital official said a 35-year-old policeman died during surgery. The Bangkok Emergency Medical Service said five police and three soldiers were wounded in the blasts.

"2 policemen killed, 12 wounded in attacks near rally site", Bangkok Post, May 8, 2010

A witness, Decha Phoonpanang, said either a small explosive or gunshots whizzed past him, shattering the glass storefront of a bank and hitting two policemen - one in the stomach - and a man in the leg.

Slightly more than two hours later, about three explosions could be heard in an adjacent street that fronts a park, with police officers saying they believed them to be grenades.

The official Erawan Emergency Center on Saturday said two policemen were killed in the two incidents. Most of those wounded were believed to be police.

Red Shirt leaders denied involvement in the attacks.

"New Thai violence kills 2, mars compromise moves", Associated Press, May 8, 2010

But a fellow twitterer who was at the scene says this:

been on scene 90 mins. nobody mentioned a motorcycle.

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