Abhisit: "Martial law would be declared by the armed forces"

Prime minister Abhisit went into offense mode at the international media front and appeared on both BBC's HARDTalk and CNN's Amanpour Tuesday evening. I will write on Abhisit's interviews tomorrow but there was one striking quote from the BBC  that I cannot keep back from you.

Abhisit, regarded as elitist and undemocratic by his opponents, said he had no power to declare martial law.

"Martial law would be declared by the armed forces, it's not within my power to do so. At the moment they have no intention of doing so," he said.

"Well from my discussion with the people responsible and the people who have powers, they have no intention of declaring martial law at the moment," he added

"Thai PM says he will step down if national stability at stake", AFP via Channel News Asia, April 28, 2010