Al Jazeera English's "Inside Story: Thailand on the edge"

Al Jazeera English is in my opinion one of very few international media organizations that has regular and well-balanced coverage on the ongoing Thai political crisis in recent years (see their 45-minute special). So in a very timely fashion they aired today a new edition of Inside Story about the recent developments in Thailand again, hosted by Hamish Macdonald. He is joined later by a panel consisting of UDD international spokesman Sean Boonpracong, Pravit Rojanaphruk, political editor at The Nation ("a pro-government newspaper" as noted by the host) and Dr. Tim Forsyth from the London School of Economics. [youtube=]

What I particularly like is the description of the yellow and red shirts that goes a bit more beyond the usual "red=Thaksin-supporters and yellow=royalists"-narrative.

Already a few weeks ago, when the red shirts were symbolically spilling blood onto the streets and gates, they aired another Inside Story on Thailand with nearly the same panel, except that time they were joined by Supong Limtanakool of Bangkok University.