The Nation is doing a 'Weng'

Dr. Weng Tojirakarn, red shirt and butt end of a terrible joke. (Screenshot by ThaiTVNews)

Many people tend to constantly bash the Thai press, sometimes rightfully so, sometimes not. Today is one of those days the former is the case. Cue to this piece by The Nation today...

You can bore your way to stardom. Just ask Weng Tojirakarn.

Two days of peace talks between the red shirts and the government have changed the eccentric doctor-turned-political-activist into an overnight celebrity, with teenagers now using his name as a slang and an online mockery game invented with his screaming face on it.

"Weng" now means "to confuse", "to bore" or even "to b***s***". If you hear a youngster say "Don't 'weng' me", it means, to put it politely, "stop talking nonsense".

"Doing a 'weng'", The Nation, March 31, 2010

Now, we could simply forget this little piece of irrelevant side trivia during a quite important political event if it wasn't for The Nation's editor Tulsathit Taptim, normally one of the more sane and decent journalists in the Kingdom. But he probably also got his funny bone tickled so hard that he couldn't stop tweeting about it all freaking day!

So dear The Nation newsroom, could you please stop with it? If not, go weng yourselfs!